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How We Work

How does it work when I hire the Voice Bureau? Am I working with Abby Kerr, or with another creative?

Both and.

The Voice Bureau is my (Abby’s) concept and creation, and the creative work we do is handled by one or more of our carefully vetted, experienced, gifted writers. As a connoisseur of talent, I personally court and engage every single creative professional in the Bureau. If it’s copy we’re writing for you, I hand-select the writer who will work on your project based on my professional understanding of their fittedness for your brand objectives and our project goals. It’s an intellectual and an intuitive match I make for you.

As the Chief Voice Bureau Officer, I serve as your project’s creative director, overseeing and nurturing every piece of copy that flows across my writers’ desks. I create and host the discovery sessions that set the tone for your brand voice and your content strategy. All client communications are overseen by me and my inner circle. Clients are well taken care of throughout their entire Voice Bureau experience by our Virtual Concierge.

What services can I get through the Voice Bureau?

We offer:

  • ideal client/Right People profiling — learn who they are, how and where they like to be conversed with online, and what they need from you to understand that you get them
  • brand voice profiling — a nuanced translation and articulation of how your brand voice is showing up in the online conversation right now
  • brand voice development — rolled into our copywriting services, this is foundational brand development for entrepreneurs
  • Empathy Marketing (brand and content strategy) — how, when, where, and why to show up in the online conversation, in a way that’s meaningful and compelling to your Most Likely To Buy people
  • organic SEO web copywriting services and content writing — get your message read and invite the response you want — we’ll handle the writing
  • conversion services — learn more about calls to action that work for your people so your website can work for you
  • social media storytelling and conversation strategy — how are you and your brand showing up on Twitter? Facebook? Pinterest? Develop your brand conversation across multiple social media platforms.
  • liaising of relationships with web designers and developers — when as an active or past client you’re ready, we’ll happily make the astute connections you need and, if needed, design a holistic and nuanced Creative Brief inspiring the visual identity of your brand
  • digital products, courses, and programs — find the right learning path to bolster your savvy around brand voice, ideal clients, content strategy, and more

How is invoicing handled? And do I have to communicate with lots of different people?

With the exception of web design and development services, all services are invoiced by and paid to the Voice Bureau. You deal with us directly, not with 50 people — or even 5.

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