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The essence of your brand is carried in its voice.

The Voice Bureau works with companies and individuals to craft relatable brands beginning from their essential brand voice outward. The end result: polished without the pretense. We capture the innate magic of a mission, an individual, or a team in an unmistakable way, while keeping it real. Whether you’re a solo creative, a well-established maven, or an aspiring industry leader, we’d love to work with you. 

Katie & Abby from The Voice Bureau

In business, connections hinge on resonance. You get me. I get you. Let’s do business. It’s a subtle thing whirring with emotional, psychological, intellectual, and even spiritual or energetic chemistry.

Your brand voice — embodied in your web copy, your social media content, even your visuals — carries that certain something that’s hard to name, hard to define, and impossible to duplicate.

As it turns out, this is our brand of brilliance. Naming the as-yet unnameable, putting architecture around the abstract and ephemeral, and creating content assets that are truly valuable — that’s what we do.

Branding with texture

Every brand has a signature texture. There’s a balance of softness and structure, of yin and yang, masculine and feminine, darkness and light. In the juxtapositions, we find freshness and authenticity. This is what makes your brand memorable to the Right People who are wired to respond. It’s all in the nuances.

Can we confide something? We hear voices. Specifically, the voice of your brand, a considered composition of YOU and YOUR WORK that can’t be imitated or duplicated — and yet is easy for you to maintain, because it just comes naturally. Elaborate to render, stunningly clear to behold.

Your voice, made visible

The deep work of branding starts before visual branding can come into focus.

A brand starts with a feeling, an essence. That essence gets translated into words that live on your site, to inspire and educate the potential clients and customers you want to serve.

We prefer to get involved with your project before design comes into play, and — if need be — we can make superb design referrals for you when the time is right. But if you’ve already got a design project underway and copy is your missing element, we’re here for you, too!

We work with our clients around:

  • bespoke brand voice development and content consulting services 
  • custom copywriting and content creation for your website, e-book, or other digital masterpiece
  • courses and programs that expand and empower your brand assets so you can move toward mastery

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