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Voice Notes: Jeffrey Davis

by Abby Kerr

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About this column

Voice Notes is (now) an occasional Friday feature. We take you inside the online brand presence of a business owner we think you should know — through a dozen evocative sentence-starters.

Abby (Chief Voice Bureau Officer) says:

A couple years ago, a writer friend gave me a tip about Jeffrey Davis’ beautiful home on the web, Tracking Wonder. (What a great name, eh?) Jeffrey says wonder is the emotional heartbeat of creativity and creative enterprising. Since that time, he and I have conversed on Twitter and over email about our mutual fascination with what works and why when it comes to leading a fulfilling creative life. I’m so happy to endorse his new mentorship program for people actively writing or re-writing a book manuscript. It’s called Your Captivating Book. If you’re feeling led to move your book forward, and it’s a book that matters, this rich experience may be well-designed for you.

(The link above is our affiliate link, which means if you click it and secure a spot in Your Captivating Book, we’ll receive some thank-you monies from Jeffrey for helping to invite his Right People into the experience.)

Jeffrey Davis, Writer & Creativity Consultant

Jeffrey Davis is a writer and creativity consultant. At Tracking Wonder, he writes about the art and science of captivating creativity.

Twitter: @JeffreyDavis108, Facebook: Center To Page & Yoga As Muse

Jeffrey Davis of Tracking WonderMy top 3-5 Voice Values are:

Innovation, Depth, Enthusiasm, Clarity, Helpfulness. (Note: Discover your own Voice Values when you subscribe to The Voice Bureau’s Insider Stuff e-letter. Look for the sign-up box in the upper righthand corner of the site.)

One thing I know for sure about my Right People is:

They are uncompromising when it comes to making excellent art — books, projects, businesses, next life phase.

The best moment in my work week so far has been when:

A new team member genuinely appreciated our new Team Guide that includes our Code of Wonder, our Team Principles, and brand details (down to the hex colors!).

My brand is all about:

Receiving uncertainty with openness, delight, and curiosity as we make art that matters. That’s tracking wonder.

If I couldn’t do the work I’m doing now, I’d be:

A sculptor who makes art out of junk (or a wood gnome).

The best compliment I’ve ever received from a client is:

Calling me “a mentor, trainer, beloved friend and Zen master all wrapped up in one.” (Thank you, Luna Jaffe.)

I do the work I do because:

There are so many people “out there” with meaningful ideas, books, projects, and businesses that we need.

My lifestyle, in 3 words:

Shaped for serendipity.

If I could invite 3 people to dinner to give me their take on my work in the world, I’d invite:

Thoreau, Atticus Finch (he’s not fictional in my mind), and Rainer Rilke. (I’d probably be intimidated into silence the whole meal.)

My favorite question to ask people is:

What question are you living in today?

If my clients only hold onto one piece of advice from me, I hope it’s:

“Your mind + the desire for excellence (not perfection) + falling flat on your face are your greatest teachers and allies.” That, and “Embrace rejection.”

What I really wish you could see about yourself is:

You are a beautiful work of art. Seriously, there is beauty in Every. Single. Human. Being. On. This. Planet. Even, or especially, the difficult, edgy ones.

In the comments, we’d love to know:

What’s your way of tracking wonder? Jeffrey and I would love to hear, in the comments.

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Wendie Tobin January 28, 2013 at 4:30 pm

I don’t know where you found this man, but he’s a game changer.


abby January 28, 2013 at 4:51 pm

Agreed. Jeffrey is lovely! Glad you enjoyed this profile.


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