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Help! My Programs & Services Aren’t Selling. 3 Conversion Problems & What To Do About Them.

by Abby Kerr

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You have a pretty good-looking website. (Or so you’ve been told.)

Conversion problems? We've got some solutions.You’ve put a lot of time, heart, and thought into crafting an offer that you thought had legs. Nice ones!

You get fairly decent site traffic (don’t you?) and your tweets and Facebook posts are always well-received and re-shared by your tribe.

But for some reason, you can’t fill a 10-person program to save your life. Your 1:1 coaching offers aren’t converting, your $57 ebook has had very few buyers, and your e-newsletter list is not growing by leaps and bounds.

What gives?

My friend, you’ve got a conversion problem.

If you’ve got decent traffic (even semi-decent), ample attention, considerable social media convo, a few blog comments on each post (or most posts), a reasonably good-looking site, but you can’t sell a thing, you’ve got what we call a conversion problem. Your offers are not converting (selling).

So what’s causing your conversion problem?

Here’s a round-up of the Top 3 most common problems causing low conversion:

  1. Your copy is all puff, swoon, and swagger — but no results and benefits. You have a killer colorful brand vocabulary and you tap into your Right Person’s emotion, yes, but you’re not telling them what the hell you’re actually selling. A plan to do X. A blueprint for Y. 7 Techniques for Doing Z. You can’t really sell big meta promises like empowerment, clarity, spaciousness, and ease until you’ve shown them the vehicle it will arrive in. Being specific is not “dumbing it down.” Being specific and concrete is being respectful of the way your Right Person needs to take in information — emotionally and intellectually.
  2. Too many offers on one sales page, aimed at too broad of a spectrum of buyers. At The Voice Bureau, our credo is “One Offer, One Person, One Page.” This means that EACH sales offer needs to be designed for ONE specific Right Person profile and gets a WHOLE page unto itself. No more selling a three thousand dollar program and a $19 e-course from the same super long sales page. No more selling to Right People with very different sets of problems from the same page. (Scrollscrollscroll . . . overwhelming . . . NAH.)
  3. Lack of clarity around WHO your offer is for. Often times as solopreneurs, we craft offers for ourselves, three years ago. Or for what our secret, idealized selves would like to buy, if that secret idealized self who is somehow outside of us walking around could actually read our minds and intuitively grasp all of the things we’re not actually saying on the sales page. [Pause for breath.] There’s no magic to understanding your Right Person. But there is methodology. (See Empathy Marketing — which is coming soon.) And that methodology makes all of the difference in conversion.

Are you ready?

In the comments, we’d love for you to:

Tell us about your conversion problems. What are you struggling with, specifically, when it comes to selling your products, programs, and services? We really want to know. And we really want to help.

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Caroline Frenette Master Intuitive Coach January 23, 2013 at 10:40 am

Great post! Very valuable.

I’m gonna work on my offerings, give them each their own page and I will also be more specific. Might need your help though…


abby January 23, 2013 at 2:19 pm

Hi, Caroline! We’d love to support you in this. Feel free to send us a note through our Contact page when you’re ready:


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