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The Voice Bureau Presents: Tagline Twirl

     Tagline Twirl: get a new tagline for your business brand

Could you use a new tagline?

Pinterest_Ice_Skater_TwirlYou don’t need a tagline to do business, but having a great one can help everything else fall into place.

A strong, illuminating tagline is your passport to clearer messaging.

It helps set the tone for the voice of your brand.

It unlocks new metaphors for you to use across your site copy.

It suggests a whole line of naming: your e-newsletter series, what you call yourself, even the names of your products, programs, and services.

A good tagline tells people what your business is about, or who you serve.

A great tagline is precise: it tells your Right People what you believe is possible for them when they do business with you.

A fantastic tagline is everything a great tagline is, plus it’s expansive and flexible — allowing you and your business to grow and iterate. And a fantastic tagline is fun and feels satisfying to say.

Twirl me a fantastic tagline. $400 USD

This price includes:

  • Tagline Twirl Questionnaire. 8 questions to help you whet our tagline-twirling whistle. You’ll fill this out this and return it to us.
  • Our quick, inspiration-gathering review of your online brand as it currently exists. No site yet? Rebranding? Email us design proofs, a creative brief, or links to visual inspiration.
  • 7 original tagline ideas (at least). Most of these 7 ideas come with multiple variations on a theme. All language you pay for is singular to you — we’ll never twirl the same language twice. In other words, you pay for it, it’s yours. No other client ever gets the same suggestion.
  • Abby’s personalized commentary on the thought process behind each set of taglines — and how they align with your Voice Values.
  • Our signature recommended process for choosing the best tagline or your brand — in a handy printable.
  • Turnaround Time: 3 weeks from Client’s completion of Tagline Twirl Questionnaire, Mon-Fri PST* [subject to change in heavy project seasons — we’ll update this page when turnaround time is longer].

Ready for your Tagline Twirl?

Email us at to tell us you’re ready.

Within 3 business days (excluding Saturdays and Sundays), we’ll email you a PayPal invoice for $400 USD, to be paid in advance.

Important: Please tell us which email address you’d like your invoice sent to.

Once your payment clears through PayPal, within 2 business days, we’ll email you our Tagline Twirl Questionnaire via Google Docs — and then we’ll be on our way!

Looking forward to working with you.

What Tagline Twirl clients are saying about the process & their results . . .

Krista Smith Tagline Twirl Testimonial


Mo Cleary Tagline Twirl Testimonial
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