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CHECK BACK soon for our fully refreshed Folio page. We’ll showcase some of our favorite client projects and let you hear directly from them how brand voice development deepened their own understanding of their business and put them on a path toward richer relationships with their Right People readers, client, and customers.

May we present…

It’s our honor and joy to share with you these mini case profiles of some of our clients and the work we created on their behalf.

Nancy Sherr

Brand Challenge:

Warm, vibrant, and accomplished Nancy Sherr is a life coach, writer, and speaker who supports bravehearted mid-life women to reclaim, recreate, and rejuvenate their lives after Big. Life. Change. Our challenge was to craft a voice for her emergent brand, A Zestful Life, that would connect with her Right People with compassion, clarity, and conviction. Nancy’s goal was to become a sought-after participant in the online conversation around aging gracefully, mid-life reinvention, and female empowerment at any age.

Our Solution:

Brand voice development. SEO web copy. Manifesto conceptualizing and writing. Conceptualizing and writing of e-course for email autoresponder opt-in. Press release for Nancy’s network. Successful referral to Voice Bureau-endorsed copy editor for partnering on future projects.

Client’s Results:

  • Within one week of site launch, courted by Huffington Post for a regular column.
  • Terrific email subscriber list growth.
  • Proficient social media participant.
  • “I have gotten so many compliments on the style of my site copy: the edginess, the punch, the pizzazz, the elegance. It’s different from typical ‘inspirational’ copy”

Nancy Says:

“Aside from the luxury of crème de la crème wordsmithing and off-the-hook brand voice strategy, Abby bears an up-to-the-minute deep knowledge of the online business world, is profoundly generous, incredibly responsive, and a brilliant professional. Her energy is bountiful.

“Building my brand identity and crafting my copy from the foundations up for the launch of my coaching business was a tall order for me. Abby’s sensible and beautifully crafted process ensured that she had my voice – and my back – the whole way through. And she nailed it all!! Blew me AH-WAY!

“Abby and her approach are gutsy and very classy. She lends amazing ease to what can be a very challenging and anxiety-producing prospect: bringing a brand online, particularly in the beginning stages.

“Abby extended so much intensity and effort to get under and into my voice, as her client. I was very leery of other copywriters telling me they could bang out website copy for me in one day. I needed to be involved in our process to the degree I was, so that I could learn how to pick up writing for my brand once our work was completed. I needed to be able to walk the talk, and now I am — but I NEVER could have done it without Abby and her resources.

“Not only is Abby’s approach a very, very value-packed and smooth-sailing one, it’s a luxury to have it all together packaged in one place with a ribbon around it! Our work together was a heartfelt and wonderful experience for me all around.”